We are proud to serve you with all of the state-of-the-art functional equipment n EliteFTS™ Collegiate Power Rack n Official ZKC competition and training Olympic Barbells (Official Barbell of the 2008 Beijing Olympics) n 1 x Male (20kg) ZKC Competition Olympic Barbell n 1 x Male (20kg) ZKC Training Olympic Barbell n 1 x Female (15kg) ZKC Competition Olympic Barbell n 1 x Female (15kg) ZKC Training Olympic Barbell n Ivanko (20kg) Olympic Barbell n Ivanko Bumper Plates 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg n Olympic Lifting Platform n Standard (20kg) Olympic Barbells n Safety Squat Bar n E-Z Bar Barbell n Complete set of Olympic bumper plates 2000Kg n Adjustable Olympic Barbell Stand n Dumbbells 1kg-60kg n Glute-Ham Raise Machine n Adjustable Cable Crossover System n Lat Pulldown Station n Seated Cable Row Station n Keiser Functional Trainer n Adjustable Incline Benches n Roman Chair Sissy Squat n Landmines n Competition Kettlebells n Clubbells n Farmers Walk Bars n Strongman Log n Strong man gear including large tires and sledge hammers n Slide Board n Indian Clubs n Jungle gym rings n Plyometric tools (ie. High Hurdles, Low Hurdles, Ladders, Cones, Steps) n 2 Sets Plyoboxes n Reactive Medicine Balls n Dynamax Medicine Balls n Resistance strength bands (multiple strengths and lengths) n Cook correction bands n Mini bands n FatGripz n Reebok core boards n Ab wheels n Mixed martial arts training area and equipment including heavy bags, kick pads, focus gloves, etc. n Battle Ropes (3 Battling ropes: medium and large) n Portable variable resistance exerciser by Exer-genie n Inversion Table The Zhangkong barbell is manufactured with the highest quality guaranteed. Please review to the specifications below: Mens Competition Bar Specifications n grip diameter 28mm±0.03mm n weight 20Kg﹢20g-10g n length 2200mm±1mm n sleeves 50mm-0.04mm n max.load: 387.8kg Womens Competition Bar Specifications n Grip 25mm±0.03mm n weight 15Kg﹢15g-7.5g n Length 2010mm±1mm n sleeves 50mm-0.04mm, max n load: 258KG
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