Peter Rouse, PhD, MS Peter founded the Integrated Performance Institute in 2016 after returning to New Zealand after 15 years overseas, living throughout Australia, Asia, United States and Switzerland. Peter has a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, a M.Sc in Biochemistry and Genetics. In addition Peter has also obtained additional education in the field of manual therapy and rehabilitation including NeuroMuscular Therapy, NeuroSomatic Therapy, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, NeuralReflex, PRRT, Musculoskeletal Alignment Technique, Posturology, and many other modalities. With 30 years experience, Peter has worked with a vast array of clients ranging from Olympic Athletes,professional athletes, through to working with many in the film industry. Peter has developed a system of optimizing human performance that is exclusively used at the Integrated Performance Institute with all their clients and patients to individualize specifically to the needs of the individual with focus on injury prevention while optimizing performance. Peter has become well known as a specialist in rehabilitation therapy and corrective exercise. He has encompassed his extensive training in manual therapy and physiology along with years of hands on experience to develop an unique approach to rehabilitation. Having worked with many patients that have gone through many traditional medical routes without success only to find success within a very short time and often finding that they obtain better health and performance then they had previously. Peter has also developed an integrative model of functional nutritional therapy with focus on health and wellness extension. Using a combination of clinical laboratory and extensive in-house examinations, Peter is able to discover the root cause of the problem and then treat the cause with an integrate approach.
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