Postural Performance is a comprehensive system of postural recalibration and performance enhancement. The process begins by performing a comprehensive assessment that is unique on many fronts and is only available from our qualified practitioners. The Posture Performance system integrates a highly specialized and comprehensive approach of analyzing posture and all areas that influence the postural systems and subsystems. 1. Nervous System 2. Ocular System 3. Auditory System 4. Oral System 5. Tempormandbular Joint 6. Cranial 7. Spine 8. Foot & Ankle Complex 9. Fascial System 10. Integumentary System Of the systems listed above there are also subsystems such as with the nervous system would include the subsystems that include the primitive reflexes and postural reflexes to name just a few. These subsystems are also assessed in more detail depending on the outcome of the initial assessment process.
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